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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - A Year of Madness
A Year of Madness 11-11-21
Kris Springer

My last post was a year ago. I'm not sure how a whole year has passed without me writing anything, but a lot has happened. My last post ended with "Hopefully these idiots don't blow up our country". Unfortunately that's happened. The politicians on both sides have completely lost their minds. We were told Trump lost the election to an unconcious puppet who apparently was so popular that he recieved more votes that anyone in history. The election counts were so suspicious and illegal that nobody trusts the system at all anymore. The Democrats have decended into total power drunk madness with their abortion/trans/racist/anti-law/climate/open-borders/communist agendas. The futuristic book 1984 is playing out in real time. It's incredibly disheartening. The Republicans seem clueless that there was a coup. They seem to be trying to desperately cling to founding principles of the original judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government, but the entire system is completely fraudulent and corrupt now, so nothing they do has any affect. Republicans write letters of disaproval while the country is being destroyed. They're complaining is pointless because the Democrats just ignore it and are only working within the system as much as is necessary to give the appearence of them still playing the same game. Most of their actions are completely outside the bounderies of legality now and there seems to be noone to stop them. With mandates of all sorts from masks, business and travel restrictions, and forced vaccinations, to gender insanity, unchecked money printing, inflation, open borders, foreign policies that can best be described as funding terrorism, and the FBI being weilded as a political enforcement tool, our society has been perverted into something unrecognizable from what it was just 2 years ago. There is even legitimate rumblings of Texas sceceding from the US. We are definately not a group of United States. We're the total opposite of united. There is no middle ground anymore. The bundle of Democratic agendas are simply demonic. Their goal is the total destruction of everything we know, and they're succeeding in amazingly swift fashion. The future looks bleak.

But, as depressing as all that sounds, let's not forget who is actually in charge of this swirling cesspool. No matter what happens or how bad things get, it's all perfectly in God's plan and is just another string of events leading up to the end of this sinful world. As much as I dislike the uncomfortable thought of things changing, there have been much worse times in history and I have an extremely blessed life with an amazing wife, awesome children who love Jesus, and fellow believers to walk through this valley with. No matter what happens around us, we will still follow Jesus. He's the only hope anyone has.

So, here's some bullets of what's happened in my life this year.
- The fixer-upper we bought in 2020 is still a work in progress. We've changed everything about the house. I've rewired everything, all the plumbing has been redone, new heat and AC, new kitchen, new floors, moved walls, moved stairs, new out-buildings, dug out and cut in egress windows, built a parking lot, and still in the process of finishing the previously unfinished 'creepy dungeon' basement.
- My wife coached softball again this spring. My oldest daughter is turning out to be a pretty good pitcher.
- I installed a sprinkler system in the back part of our property that was previously just a big dying field.
- We cut down about a dozen thorny terrible trees, and then planted about 30 new trees, creating a park/sactuary where we've already had multiple large parties.
- I had to buy a zero-turn mower to take care of the park since it gets water now and is growing great. Not to mention there's so many trees and other obstacles now that a zero-turn is the only way to go.
- We built a full bathroom downstairs where there previously was nothing. That was fun. Now my almost teen girls have a full bathroom with dual vanities.
- My ex suddenly moved into town from out of state without any warning. She literally emailed me that she was moving as she pulled out of her driveway.
- After living here a few months without causing much trouble, and claiming she didn't want to involve the courts again, she suddenly sued me to try to get visitation and child support changed. That's currently still in-process. We'll see how it works out.
- My youngest daughter will be 3 next month. It's a great age and I love it. She's a handful though. Sassy (like her mom) and totally adorable. She potty trained herself in about 3 days. She just decided it was time and that was it.
- The company I work for is a federal sub-contractor. The vax mandate a few months ago required that all their employees get the shot. I submitted an excemption request and it was granted. So far all is well, but I have no dilussions that the mandates won't continue. We'll see what happens in the next few months.

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