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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video 4-11-20
Kris Springer

Since all this stupid coronavirus nonsense has happened the whole world has been told to stay home. Streaming media services have suddenly become even more popular than they were before. We cancelled Netflix years ago because the content was all garbage and they were pushing horror and gay content in sections that the kids could see. And the supposed kids content was full of witchcraft, stupidity, and evolution. And the stuff that they were self producing was godless sewage. I wouldn't subscribe to Netflix even if it was free.

Amazon Prime has been trying to get me to subsribe during every order I place on Amazon, and for years I've declined. But recently we decided we'd give it a try and see what sort of content they had on there. So I accepted their 30 day trial and connected it to our Kodi media system so we could easily navigate it since the Amazon Prime Video website is in the top 5 worst I've ever seen as far as navigating goes. I immediately noticed that the content available to watch with the subscription was shows I've never heard of or old movies that we already have on our own system. Anything that we would want to watch requires an additional purchase. This seems like a total bait-and-switch. My wife was excited when we first signed up because everyone says how much content there is on Prime, but she became quickly disallusioned when she discovered that all the cooking shows or newer movies cost extra. I have a feeling that we won't be continuing the subscription past the free trial.

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