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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Another Microsoft Fail
Another Microsoft Fail 1-18-19
Kris Springer

I just wasted half a day banging my head against Windows Server 2019 trying to get Docker to work and run a Linux container so I can run a demo version of my Xymon Server for client's to look at instead of exposing our actual system to them that has a bunch of private information on it. But, after working closely with my cooworker who is the resident expert using Docker (on linux) we couldn't get it to actually work. There's some mysterious requirement in Windows that we're missing that no How-To document seems to have defined. The Docker How-To's are a joke. They're non-explicit and most have no more than 4 steps in them. The very few docs we found that referenced running Linux dockers on Windows had a few pre-requisites, but I have that stuff installed already, namely Hyper-V, which seem totally stupid to me because that basically negates the point of running Docker. Why use Docker if Hyper-V is required? Why not just run an actual VM? I get there could be resource savings if running multiple docker containers on the same box, but this is ridiculous. It's like saying "Hey, let's build an electric car that runs on batteries instead of a gas engine. Oh by the way, it has a gas engine in it to power the batteries." Stupid.

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