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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Coronavirus Thoughts
Coronavirus Thoughts 4-11-20
Kris Springer

It's been about a month now since all the craziness started. There was news before that, but the lockdowns and social distancing stuff has really only been in effect for about a month. The kids are out of school and are doing stuff over the internet, and we're supposed to stay home as much as possible. The state governors are all making various rules and orders about their states, and many businesses are struggling to figure out how to keep their doors open while simultaneously telling customers that they can't come in.

I'm writing this to vent my confusion and frustration with the idiocy of it all. Me, my wife, and my 3 girls all went out on Friday afternoon to check out a building supply surplus store that we had never been to that we thought may be a good source for some kitchen cabinets. And we all just needed to get out of the house. When I got in the car I noticed the tire pressure warning light was on, so I got out and checked the tires and discovered that one had a screw stuck in it and was nearly flat. It still have enough pressure in it to make it to the tire shop which is only a mile from our house, so we all took off down the road. We got to the tire shop and found they were closed for a few hours in observance of Good Friday. I'm not exactly sure why a tire shop would be closed for 3 hours in the middle of the day to observe Good Friday, but we live in a Mormon town and there's weird things like that around here sometimes. We had 45 minutes to kill so we all went across the street to a grocery store. I see the way stores and businesses are interacting with the public, and way the public is behaving together in social situations, and the whole thing stikes me as absurd and pointless. Stores are puting signs all over the place and tape all over the floor instructing the public to stay 6 feet away from each other (which is impossible, by the way) and then simultaneously the staff of the business is closely interacting with the customers with little concern about the distancing suggestions. Some staff wear masks, some have gloves, but many have neither. There's no standard and no enforcement of anything so it makes the entire exercise pointless. And I don't even understand what the point is anyway. Eventually everyone is going to contract it, and in all likelyhood most people already have and didn't even know it, so what's the point of all this? I read Idaho's governor's order to see exactly what was stated, and it is so stupid. It's suggested that everyone stay home, but they're free to leave and go anywhere they want. Resteraunt's and churches are closed because people aren't supposed to congregate in groups of more than 5, yet pretty much every store of any kind is still open because the list of 'essential' businesses is so broad that nearly everything qualifies. We stopped at Lowes on our way home and it was packed. The parking lot was full. All 5 of us went in (without masks) and discovered that the public pretty much acts as if nothing is going on and is going about their lives like normal. The only evidence that there's any governor's order at all is seen at the checkout line where there was a masked and gloved guy directing people. But the height of the stupidity that I've seen so far is that at each Lowes checkstand they had built a plexyglass sheild that seperated the customer from the checker. And after each customer paid for their items and left, the checker would come around and spray and wipe down the plexyglass and counter top with disinfectant. Yes, I said after every customer. It was ridiculous. So at the grocery store people can touch fruits and vegitables without anyone caring, but at the lumber store they have taken the situation so far passed stupid that I felt compelled to write about it.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. The state says that people cannot congregate at church to celebrate the rising of our Savior from the dead. Some churches in the country are defying the order, but most are complying for some reason. I see people congregating all over the place in daily life, so why exactly can't churches congregate? If someone is a high risk individual that may get sick and die, then they should be isolating themselves from everyone. That sounds reasonable. But what does that have to do with churches? Is this not America? I'm looking around and noticing that something is happening under the surface of all this coronavirus stupidity. Is this the beginning of something more sinister regarding state mandated church closures? As with most things in our social media age, the mass concern about any given subject turns out to not be what we were led to believe. I'm convinced that the government's actions a month ago suddenly shutting down the economy will cause more long term damage to our country and colateral death than this supposed pandemic. And by the way, the numbers of sick and dead just don't add up to justify the actions of the states and government. My prediction is that in 6 months when everyone gets tested it will be discovered that dispite all the stupidity, everyone had it anyway. It will be very interesting to see what long term rules and regulations get put in place after this.

This video sums up how stupid all this is.

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