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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - COVID-19 to POWDERKEG-20
COVID-19 to POWDERKEG-20 5-12-20
Kris Springer

COVID-19 = Corona Virus Disease 2019

POWDERKEG-20 = Power Drunk Economy Ruining Knowingly Egregious Governors 2020

The initial reasoning behind the global shutdown was to slow the spread so the hospitals wouldn't be overrun by sick people. That goal was achieved, and in fact the expected surge of sick people never happened at all. Now the problem has moved away from a virus and morphed into draconian power drunk state governors who won't let their constituants go back to work, school, church, or other social gathering locations. People are revolted and revolting in numerous states. So I will no longer be referring to this whole situation as COVID-19, but will instead be calling it POWDERKEG-20.

Hopefully these idiots don't blow up our country.

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