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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - I Finally Caught It
I Finally Caught It 11-30-20
Kris Springer

Well, it finally happened. I caught covid. It started out on Thursday as a general feeling of tiredness. I figured I was just tired. Friday I had body aches, headache, a mild fever for about 2 hours, then I felt fine, so I still didn't think anything of it. Saturday I had body aches again, headache, and it felt like my eyes were hot. No more fever though. Sunday I was feeling better, but I noticed that I hadn't smelled anything in a while. I read up on the symptoms and loss of smell and taste was one of the key signs of covid. Sunday evening my wife made a spiced pumpkin cake and I couldn't taste it at all. It was like eating flavorless white bread. We then just made the assumption that I had covid. Monday morning (today) we kept the girls home from school since that's protocol. They're gonna have to stay home all week. I had old coffee this morning, and I burnt my toast, but went ahead and ate it since I couldn't taste it anyways.

We called the doctor and they told us where to go to get tested, a drive-thru test at one of the pharmicies in town. So off we went. The test was pretty simple. They stuck a swab up our noses and that was it. It felt weird but didn't hurt like I expected it to based on descriptions I've heard. I worked the rest of the day since I felt fine, but I still can't taste or smell anything, which is pretty weird since I'm the person who is usually hyper sensetive to smells.

I looked up 'Do I need a mask after having covid' and most sites of course say 'yes' because you could still catch covid even after you've had it, but the likelyhood of a second wave is so slim that it's stupid to think it's common. So, once I'm not contageous anymore I'm considering myself immune. All my in-laws have had it already so now we can all gather without worrying about it. Yay!

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