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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Mongolian BBQ
Mongolian BBQ 4-17-19
Kris Springer

For the past 25 years I've been enjoying the same noodle and vegitable mixture at the delicious Mongolian BBQ restaurants in Idaho. They are not the same as the gross Mongolian Grill restaurants. About a year ago we moved to the city of Idaho Falls and was saddened to discover that there is no Mongolian BBQ restaurants here. But, I recently took it upon myself to recreate the recipe so I can make it at home. I was originally doubtfull that I would be able to pull it off because part of the way they cook the food at the restaurant is on a large hot round grill that flash fries everything. But I decided to give it try.

First I wrote down from memory all the ingredients and sauces that are my particular mixture preference. Then I did some internet searching to see if there were any premade sauces that would get me the flavors I was after. Surprisingly I found some are sold in any grocery store in the Asian food section. The main 3 that make up the core flavor of the recipe are 'Mongolian' sauce, 'Teriyaki' sauce, and 'Fire Oil'. So I bought those. The other sauces are general items.

The 'Fire Oil' I bought wasn't what I wanted, so I then went about the process of creating it myself. It turned out to be just Vegitable oil infused with Red Pepper flakes. So I made a jar of that. It was pretty simple. If you want to make some just heat some vegitable oil in a pot, add a bunch of red pepper flakes, and put it in a jar in the fridge. Heating the oil is the key to getting the heat out of the pepper flakes. Or if you don't wanna bother with all that just put the dry peppers in when you're cooking the sauce.

Once I had the sauces figured out I moved on to the noodles. The noodles at the real Mongolian BBQ restaurants are the key to the dish. They're a very specific type of Asian noodle that I've only ever seen at those restaurants. But, I found a nearly identical packaged noodle at Winco. They're called Yakisoba noodles and they're close enough to the restaraunt ones that I'm happy with them. They come with different flavor packs included that I just toss out. The noodles are not flavored.

So, after making a few batches with different noodles and different mixtures of sauces I think I've got it figured out to the point that I'm happy with the results. It's not exactly like eating at the real MGBBQ restaurants, but it's very very close. It satisfies my cravings anyway. Here's the recipe.

	White Rice
	Fortune Yakisoba Noodles
	3 Tbsp PF Chang's Mongolian sauce
	2 Tbsp PF Chang's Teriyaki sauce
	1 Tbsp Garlic minced
	1 Tbsp Kraft Sweet-n-Sour sauce
	1 Tbsp Red Pepper flakes
	1 tsp Curry powder
	1/4 cup vegitable oil
	1/4 cup water

	1/2 cup Carrot slices
	1 cup Mushroom slices
	1 cup Broccoli florrets

	1. Cook rice and set aside to cool.
	2. Unpack noodles, pull apart, set aside. (Throw out flavor pack)
	3. Add all sauces, spices, and liquids to frying pan and bring to a boil on high heat.
	4. Add carrots and stir fry on high heat for a few minutes.
	5. Add broccoli and continue cooking until broccoli is the consistency you want.
	   Don't boil all the sauce away.
	6. Add mushrooms and noodles and mix everything together.
	   Do this quick just to heat and coat noodles with sauces.  Don't overcook.
	7. Serve with side of rice.  It's also good mixed in since it soaks up the sauces.	

Here's what I used. You can of course modify to your liking. The obvious mods would be to scratch the red pepper flakes and just use regular vegitable oil instead of fire oil if you don't like hot food. It will still taste great, just won't be hot. You can also add meat if you want, but I don't prefer it.

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