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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - My Linux Desktop 2019
My Linux Desktop 2019 10-24-19
Kris Springer

For the past 2 years now I have been exclusively using Linux Mint 18 with the Cinnamon desktop for work and personal computers. I have a System76 Meerkat as my desktop machine, and a System76 Oryx as my laptop. They've been absolutely great. They're powerfull, fast, and stable. They run all the software I need to conduct business, and none of the bloatware that Microsoft forces on people.

When I first got my Meerkat it had Ubuntu's default Unity desktop on it. I tried it for about a month and was getting used to it, but just couldn't get passed the little things that were missing from the menus and File Manager that I needed to be productive. I tried installing the Cinnamon desktop on Ubuntu and running that way, but it still had problems, so I just reformatted and installed Mint 18.3 with Cinnamon, and have been happy ever since.

I've been reading in forums for a while about Mint 19, so I thought I'd give it a try and see what the difference was. I discovered that the Mint team created an easy update method to go from 18 to 19 with built-in regression in case things go sideways. The instructions for that can be found here. Once you're upgraded to v19 there's an additional upgrade to the latest version, which at the time of this writing is v19.2. Instructions for that can be found here.

I've been running 19.2 with the Cinnamon desktop for about a week now and it's running smooth and looks good with the new icons and menus. Nearly everything has a 'dark' theme nowdays, and so does this. All the apps I use have dark themes so everything actually looks uniform and is easy on the eyes. I'm loving it. And Mint 19 has the added bonus of fixing the screen power issue I had with 18 where my USB screens would never turn off. So far everything is working great, other than a known issue with the icon panel not formatting correctly if I mess around to much with the applets, but I've figured out a workaround for that issue so it's no big deal and I'm sure it will get fixed with some future update. The Mint team is doing great and I'm loving their product. Here's my desk.

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