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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Property Development Game
Property Development Game 11-26-18
Kris Springer

In 2008 my brother Greg and I created a board game called the 'Property Development Game'. The game play resembles a cross between the 'Farming Game' and 'Monopoly'. You roll a die and move around the board drawing cards and performing development actions on properties that you own in the middle of the game board, which is a dry-erase surface so you can buy/sell/upgrade your properties.

During the time period when we invented the game I was working in the Home Automation industry doing everything from running cables to terminating wallplates to full audio/video installs with all the cool gear you can imagine. I even created my 'Home Integration' DVD set during that time. That's why I was thinking about a game involving construction and building I guess.

Anyway, it sat in my closet all these years and a few weeks ago I pulled it out and decided to make some updates to it. I knew my brother was coming to visit for Thanksgiving and I figured we could play with our kids, who are now old enough to do the math required to play. I did a test play with my wife and girls and discovered some flaws in the financial aspect of the game, and also the hand-written 'Fate' cards were lame. So I fixed the math, wrote some actual instructions, and printed up all the game cards needed. Over the Thanksgiving weekend we all played, and it was fun! 4 hours later my wife realized it was late and we had to get the kids in bed, but if not for that we would have played all night. All I need to do now is remake the game board from better materials and we've got a great game on our hands.

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