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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Roe v Wade Overturned
Roe v Wade Overturned 6-24-22
Kris Springer

Praise Jesus! Today is a historic day. The US Supreme Court ruled this morning that Roe v Wade is officially unconstitutional and the Abortion issue is no longer a federal issue and decisions will be back at the state level. As of right now there are already 13 states with 'trigger' laws that will ban abortion within 30 days. Idaho is one of those states.

It's rare that I actually shed a tear about anything, but I was overcome with amazement and thankfulness as soon as I found out that God finally ended this horrific 50 year long death cult 'law' that has murdered 65 million babies (that were counted), and who knows how many that weren't counted. Praise Jesus that the 'right to abortion' has been ended in America.

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