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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Social Media Censorship
Social Media Censorship 3-4-18
Kris Springer

What's going on with all the social media censorship? It appears that the big online media companies who have been steadily becoming more and more aggressive towards anyone who doesn't agree/promote the Orwellian left wing agenda are now taking it upon themselves to demonetize and block traffic to accounts, and/or just delete them from their platforms. If you don't know what 'Orwellian' means then you need to read '1984' by George Orwell. He published it in 1949 but it's eerily futuristic and speaks directly to the Big Brother censorship of free speech that is happening now. I personally pay for a business grade account on one the big platforms so I can easily get search/email/calendar/doc access with sharing and control for myself and my family. I'm intentionally not specifying the name since they are the very ones doing the censoring of the internet right now. A few years ago I deleted my FB account and basically abandoned all social media because of the storm I could see coming. Not to mention that I'm conflicted about my children having their lives posted on the internet before they are old enough to consent.

My employer uses the same cloud company for its backbone platform, which is fine, but in my personal life I'm now looking for alternatives that are built with free speech in mind. This is America. This country was literally built on the concept of freedom for all, even those who disagree. But free speech is rapidly being restricted on all the common platforms that most people use on a daily basis. I'm not a conspiracy theory kind of person, but I can see the reality of things that are happening, and it's not good. I'm glad that I'm a tech and can migrate myself to alternate platforms without losing content. Bye bye big media.

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