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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Frustration and Anger
Frustration and Anger 11-19-20
Kris Springer

It's been 6 months since my last written thoughts about this POWDERKEG that's been thrust upon us by the idiot elite that seems obsessed with destroying America.

I and my family are extremely blessed. I work from home and enjoy what I do. My girls attend a private Christian school that's just a few miles down the road. I have an amazing wife and 3 beautiful and smart daughters who follow Jesus. We recently sold our suburban house bought some land and an older log house in the country that we're completely remodeling. We have family in town that we spend a lot of quality time with. Life in our family unit is great.

The presidential election was a few weeks ago, and it seems that the whole thing was a giant fraudulent mess that has completely ruined any expectation that voting is secure and legit. The evidence that is being uncovered is sickening and there doesn't seem to be any consiquences for anyone involved with any of it. Apparently anyone can do anything they want with balots with little fear of legal reprocussions. What a joke. The American experiment is dead if this is what it's become. The hope that Trump will eventually be declared the winner is unlikely because the fraud is so widespread that I think the only way to trust any numbers at this point would be to have a complete re-vote. But how could we trust those numbers either? Because I work in tech and know how easy it is to write a little piece of code that lives in the shadows, it's very easy to believe that the electronic voting systems could have flipped votes. And when looking at the voting numbers across the country and hearing about behavior of the people involved, a pattern of suspicion emerges that can't be ignored. The whole system needs re-built with outside auditors and mirror systems able to cross reference in real-time for accuracy. The current voting method in this country has been totally compromised.

Thanksgiving is next week. The controlling elite's that seem to be making decisions based on whatever is the complete opposite of logic have now started handing down all their mandates about family gatherings. The absolute absurdity of the guidelines is so beyond ridiculous that the only conclusion that anyone reading them can come to is that Thanksgiving and Christmas are cancelled. And for what? A virus that has a 99+% full recovery rate and is nothing more than a bad flu. Supposedly people with pre-existing respritory conditions are in danger of dying from it, but that's true for all sorts of things. My monther-in-law who actually has CPD and gets winded just going down a normal staircase recently had the Corona Virus and came through it totally fine without needing any hospitalization or special medication. So what are we supposed to be afraid of? My kids go to school and interact with all the other kids with no problems. Why exactly has the governor said families can't have dinner together for Thanksgiving? We go to grocery stores, other stores, schools, resteraunts, gas stations, work, and anywhere else we want. Why exactly are family gatherings restricted? Oh ya, because the family is the foundation of everything, and once that's been completely destroyed we're done.

I was on a company call this morning with many of my coworkers who live in various other parts of the country. As I listened to each of them describe their holiday plans I noticed that they all made sure to mention that even though they were traveling and gathering with family they were being sure to distance themselves and always were masks wherever they went. The virtue signaling made me angry to the point that my heart was racing and I was shaking. It's very rare that I have that sort of reaction to anything, but this virtue signalling and total submission to insanity by everyone around me is really making me wonder just how long this life we currently enjoy is going to last. The fact that masks do nothing but everyone just wears them everywhere they go just proves that we're sheep and will blindly do what we're told no matter how stupid or pointless it is as long as we can stay comfortable in our materialism. This whole mask thing is just proof that even though people know it's stupid and don't even wear them correctly, we're just gonna comply because we know we have no way of retaliating because the entire system is corrupt and beyond reform without key individuals in that system taking a stand and puting a stop to the insanity. I've lost all hope that America will come back from this coupe. I will continue to move forward following Jesus, protecting and providing for my family the best I can, and praying that God will somehow turn this ship around. But I suspect that we're too far gone and America as we knew it is dead.

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